Income Tax Return Preparation and Submission

Our firm helps you in the preparation of Year-End Tax Declaration in Dhareeba system and ensure with the Qatari Income Tax law (24) 2018, and its Executive Regulation. That your income tax declaration in compliance with the Qatari Income Tax Law.

Qatar Tax law stated that any business activity carried out in the state of Qatar will be subject to corporate or withholding tax. According to the income tax law in Qatar, an "activity" has been defined as any occupation, service, trade, profession, or the execution of a contractual agreement, or any other business for generating a profit. Income tax is levied on foreign partners whether they operate through local companies, local branches, permanent establishment or in a joint venture with foreign enterprises.

The Gregorian calendar is employed for Qatar income tax purposes. However, a taxpayer may apply to prepare his financial statements for a twelve-month period ending on a day other than 31 December if the company has not been established on the 1st of January. The first accounting period may be for more than twelve months. However, it should not be less than six months nor more than 18 months.

A taxpayer should maintain his accounting records in Qatari Riyals as long as there is no permission from the tax department to use a foreign currency.

Dhareeba Registration - Tax Card

Dhareeba registration

Our firm can assist you in completing the registration process in Dhareeba system, which is required by any company established in Qatar. It is mandatory to start the registration process and complete it within 60 days from the date of the commercial registration. The tax card will be issued automatically in Dhareeba system when the registration is completed.

Obtaining Tax Clearance

Our firm can assist you to get the tax clearance from the tax authorities. Once you obtain the tax clearance, you can assure that the tax authorities clear your tax position. To get the tax clearance, the tax assessors need an assigned person to follow up with him or her to address all the arising points during any investigation process. Our firm is keen to support in such process to keep the procedures smooth and avoid any challenges with the tax authorities.

Withholding Tax (WHT) Services

WHT 5% is levied on certain payments made to non-residents including royalties and technical services, interest, commissions, brokerage fees, directors' fees, attendance fees, and any other payments for services carried out inside or outside Qatar.

Tax Consulting Services

Along with tax compliance services, our firm provides business tax consulting services to support you in developing and implementing tax solutions to mitigate the impact of the tax on your business transactions legally. We propose your practical solutions to be able to address your tax requirements.

With our tax experts, we can assure you to deal with the complexities of the current Qatari tax system as well as helping you to meet the difficulties of an increasingly sophisticated market due to our in-depth knowledge of Qatar tax requirements.

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