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Our Firm’s services- Auditing, Accounting, Tax, and Business Advisory Services

Our firm provides a broad range of audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services. We provide optimal customer service, sound judgment, and valuable advice to help our clients make sound economic business decisions.

At our firm, you can concentrate on your business and new likely marketplaces while we will be cautious of all your tax requirements; support you in achieving your business objectives, assess your business risk and ensuring business profitability.

External Audits

We provide independent audit services, which provides reasonable assurance when the accredited auditors release the audited financial statements and attest that: a) the financial statements are free from any material misstatement, b) and are prepared according to the IFRS and relevant auditing standards, and in compliance with the rules and regulations. Further, statutory audits under IFRS comprise the principal professional services provided by us.

Our goal is not merely to express an opinion on the accounts of the financial statement but also to provide valuable and insightful recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the companies' operation and to internal control where necessary.

Financial Statements Review Services

We provide financial statement review services to provide limited assurance on the financial statements that conform with the applicable financial reporting framework applicable (Local GAAP / IFRS) by performing a limited scope of work comparing to the audit services.

Financial Statement Components Audits

We provide the audit services of single financial statement or of a specific element, account or item of a financial statement.

Tax Services

Income tax Return Preparation and Submission

Our firm helps you in the preparation of Year-End Tax Declaration in Dhareeba system and ensure with the Qatari Income Tax law (24) 2018, and its Executive Regulation. That your income tax declaration in compliance with the Qatari Income Tax Law.

Qatar Tax law stated that any business activity carried out in the state of Qatar will be subject to corporate or withholding tax. According to the income tax law in Qatar, an "activity" has been defined as any occupation, service, trade, profession, or the execution of a contractual agreement, or any other business for generating a profit. Income tax is levied on foreign partners whether they operate through local companies, local branches, permanent establishment or in a joint venture with foreign enterprises.

The Gregorian calendar is employed for Qatar income tax purposes. However, a taxpayer may apply to prepare his financial statements for a twelve-month period ending on a day other than 31 December if the company has not been established on the 1st of January. The first accounting period may be for more than twelve months. However, it should not be less than six months nor more than 18 months.

A taxpayer should maintain his accounting records in Qatari Riyals as long as there is no permission from the tax department to use a foreign currency.

Dhareeba registration

Our firm can assist you in completing the registration process in Dhareeba system, which is required by any company established in Qatar. It is mandatory to start the registration process and complete it within 60 days from the date of the commercial registration. The tax card will be issued automatically in Dhareeba system when the registration is completed.

Transfer Pricing

  • The Transfer Pricing requirements include four tiers of compliance: (i) Transfer Pricing Form/Questionnaire to be provided with the Tax Return, (ii) Masterfile, (iii) Local file and (iv) Country by Country Reporting requirements (already introduced in 2018/2019).
  • Preparing TP documentation (Local File and Master File) by the time of filing the tax return for the period of occurrence of the respective related party transaction(s) or at any other date that the GTA may specify otherwise. Master file is the responsibility of the parent company at the group level to provide the data to the local entity.
  • The Local File and Master File shall be established according to the OECD Guidelines. The GTA did not establish a specific format/template for this purpose and to the extent that the following conditions are met:
  • Advising the clients how to adapt an effective managerial accounting system.
  1. The threshold (QR 10,000,000) ten million on total revenues or total assets of the taxpayer is met.
  2. One of the related parties of the Qatari taxpayer is established outside the State of Qatar.
  • GTA will request the entity to provide any necessary documents to support the subject matter. The deadline for the taxpayer to provide such information upon request from the GTA shall not exceed 30 days from the date of the GTA's request.
  • GTA will no longer accept the absence of a Local file / Master File, based on the argument that other companies of the group are responsible for establishing and documenting the arm's length principle. Also, the absence of adjustment to the intercompany prices in case such prices are not established to be arm's length.
  • As per the transfer pricing provisions pertaining to Executive Regulations, the calculation of the arm’s length price has to be done by using Comparable Uncontrolled Price (CUP) methodology as the primary method. In the event the CUP method is not applicable, the taxpayer should lodge a request to the GTA for the application of a different transfer pricing methodology as prescribed in the OECD guidelines.

  • Comparable Uncontrolled Price (‘CUP’) Method.

    • Resale Price Method (‘RPM’).
    • Cost Plus Method (‘CPLM’).
    • Profit Split Method (‘PSM’). or
    • Transactional Net Margin Method (‘TNMM’).

With our TP expert our firm can undertake and perform the following activities:

  1. Performance of functional analysis in the intra-group transactions through meetings and interviews with the Group’s management.
  2. Performance of the necessary economic analyses to check and be able to support the arm’s length nature of material intra-group transactions. The analyses will be performed by applying the most appropriate TP method to the circumstances of the cases according to the OECD TP Guidelines.
  3. In absence of comparable uncontrolled transactions, in order to test the arm’s length nature of certain intra-group transactions, it may be necessary to carry out certain benchmarking analyses through external databases.
  4. Drafting of TP documentation in line with the standards set forth by the OECD TP Guidelines, illustrating the analyses performed and the conclusions reached about the arm’s length nature of each material intra-group transactions.

Tax Consulting Services

Along with tax compliance services, our firm provides tax consulting services to support you in developing and implementing tax solutions to mitigate the impact of the tax on your business transactions legally. We propose your practical solutions to be able to address your tax requirements.

With our tax experts, we can assure you to deal with the complexities of the current Qatari tax system as well as helping you to meet the difficulties of an increasingly sophisticated market due to our in-depth knowledge of Qatar tax requirements.

Withholding Tax (WHT) Services

WHT 5% is levied on certain payments made to non-residents including royalties and technical services, interest, commissions, brokerage fees, directors' fees, attendance fees, and any other payments for services carried out inside or outside Qatar.

In the previous Income Tax Law, the WHT applicability was based on the "Performance Test" (where the services were performed, wholly or partly rule). However, the new Executive Regulation indicates a broader and detailed scope for WHT applicability to include a "Consumption Test," i.e., services shall be considered as having been performed in the State as long as they are used, consumed or exploited in the State of Qatar even if they are carried out in whole or part outside the State.

The company that makes the payment for the above services is required to withhold the tax and remit to the General Tax Authority the funds that were withheld by the 16th day of the following month.

Amounts subject to WHT but not paid to the Service Providers can only be credited for 12 months. Afterward, the same amounts will be deemed as paid within a maximum of 12 months' period from the payment due date (with the exception of Ministries and other Government agencies/public foundations). This is contrary to the previous practice where WHT was only due upon actual settlement.

In the event that the company does not make a payment to the tax department, the company will be liable to 2% per month of delay or part thereof, up to the amount of tax due

Our firm helps the companies to comply with the above rules and regulations related to WHT in Qatar.

Obtaining Tax Clearance

Our firm can assist you to get the tax clearance from the tax authorities. Once you obtain the tax clearance, you can assure that the tax authorities clear your tax position. To get the tax clearance, the tax assessors need an assigned person to follow up with him or her to address all the arising points during any investigation process. Our firm is keen to support in such process to keep the procedures smooth and avoid any challenges with the tax authorities.

Business Advisory Services

Financial Consultancy Services

Our firm can provide a range of financial services such as:

  • Preparation of Feasibility Studies for projects both in Qatar and overseas.
  • Preparation of business plans and assist the clients in raising finance for local banks. We validate the figures provided by the clients before we prepare the business plan.
  • Company Valuations, the clients' top management, need at certain times to do a comprehensive business valuation in which it enables them to make significant decisions. These potential decisions can lead the top management to take the appropriate decision to sell or not sell the company or part its equity, to buy another company or part of its equity, or to approach the bank to take a convenient borrowing, which enables it to sustain its business.
  • Advising the clients how to adapt an effective managerial accounting system.

Due Diligence Services

At our firm, we assist you with acquisition and selling due diligence prior to completing and signing the agreement, then you “buyer or seller” can enhance your level of confidence regarding the substance of the agreement.

Our knowledge will be able to serve you the following

  • Reviewing the agreements and ensuring that the provisions do not deviate from the points buyer and vendor have agree on to proceed.
  • Reporting the buyer or vendor of any negative financial impact.
  • Assessing the Tax before you close any transaction.
  • Strong legal defence to third-party claims after a transaction closes.
  • Reduce legal issues by alerting a purchaser or investor.
  • Reduce potential liabilities that can be mitigated in various ways prior to closing the transaction.

Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve companies' operations. Our approach of internal audit begins from assessing current policies and procedures. Effective internal control systems enable companies to ensure that their operations are operating effectively and be able to get accurate and reliable financial outputs.

During our audit we will determine whether the results adhere to the internal policies and procedures set by the management, and accordingly we will present our report that includes our findings along with the recommendations for further improvements.  

Accounting Systems

We offer services related to the accounting systems including: a) understanding the business processes, b) identifying an appropriate accounting software solution, c) advising you about the best practice of customization solutions that meet your business requirement, and d) migration processes.

Business Restructuring Services

Business Restructuring is mainly aimed at creating values to the investment made and avoiding insolvency of an entity.

Our experts in this filed provides comprehensive financial and operational restructuring services and advice how to overcome underperforming and financially stressed businesses. We advise you in every step during the restructuring process, and we put a strategy that ensure a sustainable business and successful restructuring process.

  • Reviewing the agreements and ensuring that the provisions do not deviate from the points buyer and vendor have agree on to proceed.
  • Reporting the buyer or vendor of any negative financial impact.
  • Assessing the Tax before you close any transaction.
  • Strong legal defence to third-party claims after a transaction closes.
  • Reduce legal issues by alerting a purchaser or investor.
  • Reduce potential liabilities that can be mitigated in various ways prior to closing the transaction.

Corporate Budgeting, Forecasting, and Planning

We help you in the preparation of corporate budgeting, forecasting and reporting process. These reports help the management to take the appropriate decision rights, which help the clients to achieve their objectives of attaining efficiencies, for budgeting and other planning operations, and above all to give the appropriate information to make effective decisions to the individuals having authority to make decisions. As a result, companies that can manage and monitor their budget regularly and improve their process will be able to be close to achieving it and make the relevant decision making.

Accounting Treatment of the Complex Transactions

With our experts, we perform advisory role to the companies, which are encountering difficulties in accounting for complex transactions including business combinations, derivatives, accounting for changes of IFRS etc.

Corporate Services

Company Formation and Legalization

Establishing a company in Qatar requires a certain level of due care, and appropriate decision-making process prior to set up the business. We advise you about the appropriate legal structure and suffix. Also, we advise you about the process of submitting the required documents in the prescribed formats, sequential order of completion of the process and follow-ups in the relevant governmental bodies.

Under the revised “Qatar Companies Commercial Law”, there is a major change on the “forms of business entities” that can be established. we can propose the most beneficial decision making to take.

With us, our experts take accountability for your company's establishment and legalization and you can assure that you will not get any confusion or bad decision making.

Credit Facility Reviews

We provide credit facility review services specially for the purpose of bank loans. We will perform our review to obtain considerable comfort as to the quality of the financial statements at different cut-off periods required by the lender

Liquidation and Insolvency

There are certain procedures to be followed on the liquidation of Companies including

  • General Assembly resolution approving the dissolution of the company
  • Obtaining Tax Clearance till the cut-off date of the liquidation

Our experts take accountability for the complete procedures to be followed in the above. Also, we advise you about an appropriate exit strategy along with the liquidation and winding-up procedures.

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